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NAME: Maharaja IPA & Heady Topper

TYPE: Imperial IPA & Double IPA

BREWERY: Avery Brewing & Alchemist Beer

NOTES: This show cracked not one but two beers! Why? Cause I was missing from last weeks show! Heady & Topper serving up a mind blowing citrus light beer with some grassy flavor and herbs called The Alchemist at 8%. They recommended drinking it from the can but I wanted to see why so I poured it and I love seeing a unfiltered beer. SECOND I turned to the always great Avery Brewing and their smooth high alc(10%) Maharaja imperial IPA, with citrusy hops and caramel toffee malts as his servants, he rules both with a heavy hand. Don’t be fooled by unassuming drinkability, this beer is potent